Jewellery Repair

Should you experience a problem with any of my jewellery, please get in touch as soon as possible using the contact form. I offer a one year free repairs service on any jewellery bought from me. On the rare occasion that a stone has become loose in its setting I will be more than happy to reset it free of charge. 

I am happy to cover the loss of an accent stone up to 0.2ctw in the event that the stone has been lost through normal wear. For stones larger than this, I offer a replacement stone up to the value of £50.

If your jewellery has been altered by another jeweller this will void your warranty


Jewellery Care


A small amount of my jewellery pieces are made using solid brass. Brass has the tendency to naturally tarnish to a darker gold over time, giving it its own unique patina. If you would prefer to keep it a glowing bight gold use a regular brass polisher to return it to this state.

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver will remain bright when worn regularly, however it can tarnish if it has been kept in a jewellery box. To bring it back to a wearable state, I recommend using Hagerty's Silver Foam.

Solid Gold

Gold (particulary 9ct) can tarnish a little with lack of use. Simply clean with a mild soap and warm water and gently polish with a clean cloth