Jewellery Sizing

Jewellery Sizing can be a little confusing sometimes, so if you have any questions at all, please get in touch using the contact form.

Ring Sizing

Rings tend to be the most difficult to size, especially when buying a present for someone else. If you would like to know your own finger sizes, the best thing to do is visit a local Jewellery shop where they will be able to accurately measure your fingers. If you are buying a gift for someone else, then if possible, get hold of a ring that they wear on the finger you would like to buy them a ring for, and take this to a jewellers to be measured. if possible it is best to choose one with a similar width to the one you would like to purchase. Alternatively you can buy small plastic finger sizing guides on the internet. when purchasing a ring from my web shop you will be asked which size you require. These are listed in Uk sizing, but I can make rings in both UK, US and European ring sizes.

Bangle Sizing

I make my bangles in three sizes. These sizes are the measurements of the inside diameter of a round bangle. Small has a 6cm inside diameter, medium has a 6.5cm inside diameter and Large has a 7cm inside diameter. You can choose your bangle size when adding a bangle to the shopping cart. Most people tend to be a medium, but if you require an in-between size, please get in touch and I'll be happy to make it for you.

Necklace Length

Likewise with the bangle and ring sizes, there is an option for necklace length when you add a necklace to your shopping cart. For short necklaces, you can choose from 16inches (sits close to the neck), 17inches, or 18inches (sits mid-chest). Preference varies from person to person.